As a young impressionable student of the arts, I was introduced to photography by an inspiration and visionary to my craft, Mr. Martin Hollander. A high school instructor who encouraged a rich development in photography. His advice and confidence of my coarse skill was cultivated at Columbia College Chicago studying fine art, photography, and advertising. Thank you Mr. Hollander.



My first camera was a Minolta X-370. A simple device that still to this day has a roll of film in it. Shooting thousands of frames knowing exactly what I will get with every exposure. That camera traveled with me around the streets of cities and abroad honing my vision to see. Tripping along the way finding a niche to perfect my attention to detail and channeling it into advertising. An apprenticeship in commercial photography allowed that channel to add fruition to the dream. Setting a foundation to find my strongest of talents developing a style brand and creating bold, graphic images. A twenty plus year endeavor since picking up that Minolta, traveling the world shooting on location and in studios for clients in the beauty, luxury, food and wine industries.

I love what I do. I can't imagine doing none other than this exciting adventure, a cup of coffee and exuberant creative collaborators. I'm inspired by the finding, the concept, the passion. The music, the art and the pioneer. I hold a bachelors degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago. I love to cycle until the snow flies and tap on the steering wheel singing with my two daughters.   


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